We are a family organization
committed to providing the
best possible customer
service for our tenants.  

This will be shown by  
providing excellent space at
a fair rate while quickly
addressing issues and
questions that our tenants
have and eliminating the
unknowns that are found in
other leases that are Triple.

Reed Properties, LLC was
formed in August 2002 and G
& K was formed in August
2003.  We are local owners
and we are committed to the
improvement of downtown
Office Space for Lease/Sale
Your Company Name Here
Homes for Sale in Modesto
Other Business Property for Lease/Sale
For more information on the above properties please contact:

Reed Properties, LLC &
G&K Enterprises, LLC
1012 11th Street, Suite 1000
Modesto, CA 95354
Office (209) 577-2449
Cell (209) 988-8722
Fax (209) 577-2564
Call Matt Enriquez at (209) 840-2185 for more information on the
following homes:

None at this time.
Any new tenant to the downtown area gets to keep their mill and sales tax for the first year of
operation, and new retail tenants get up to $2,500 just for opening their doors. Plus, there’s no
wastewater upcharge fee for new users with higher wastewater demands (example: office
suite converted to retail, restaurant or residential or storage converted to office). Altogether, it’
s a pretty sweet deal, particularly for outfits with high sales volumes or brand new
businesses.  Please call us so we can show you some of our properties.
931 10th Street